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 Test for system ( the tc test:P)

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Test for system ( the tc test:P) Empty
PostSubject: Test for system ( the tc test:P)   Test for system ( the tc test:P) EmptyWed Jul 08, 2009 3:30 pm

First of all we did a gp 1 vs 1 no items

Peach gardens:

Our 1st race I made a big mistake by forgetting it was a non item and hanged my banana behind me stupid me. Then after then 2nd corner I thought ow wait no items and throwed my item on a chain chomp so it was away but cause I wasnt concentrated on my racing but on throwing system became 1st and I was 2nd hitted the grass a bit and slowed down then at the straight line a come back with fast wheelie's. 2nd round was annoying Razz we both did good until the small shortcut after the chainchomp garden system made a little mistake by hitting the offroad and there was my come back cause he was frustated because I am to fast Razz jk cause he hitted the offroad he fired a item I dont know what but nintendo knew it was a non item Razz jk and the first item system got was a thunder cloud Razz he desirved that xD non item is a non item heh system Wink but ofcourse I know its can be frustating and so I agree ... Last round never happend I just frontunned and he didnt make mistakes.

Great race although the tc's he was fast here.

2nd Waluigi stadium:

The baddest race I ever had after the first corner I already hitted the off road and that was just going onn I hitted the offroad like 4 times and did bad. system just frontrunned I came a bit towards him but then I made another mistake. Bye bye race I losed hard nice race system;)

3rd Mario Circuit

System started 1st cause of the win at wgm so I had to take over the lead and so we started noth nice with nice wheelie's and great drifts but after the 2nd corner I let my mine turbo release some faster so I could wheelie faster so I had more speed and pushed him into the off road and I took over the lead again (h) all I did was pro this race was like my best ever. I had great flaps and times but system did bad lol he hitted the chain chomp 1 time and the brown little anoying things dont know the name now... he hitted them 3 times Razz noob lol xD but we all got our bad races so doesnnt matter.

4th race bowser castle:

Epic.. the first item system got is a thunder cloud lol unlucky him I stopped but hitting a wall cause I didnt wanna get hit by the thunder cloud but system the clever 1 stopped also and tried to hit me with it it almost worked it was a nervous moment for me man it was or losing or winning but the the cloud shocked him and I was save but after some racing I thought lets wait on him others it wont be a real race and I stopped with wheelie bouncing him to get the same start and he was taking the lead again but then after like 40 seconds racing I had a nice fast wheely and bounced him to the wall. I got the lead again Very Happy. Now it was easy to win. he and me didnt made any mistakes after that moment so I won the race and it was a end score 3-1

Although I won more times then him he was fast and nice so I say he is in

Rt1 System !

Greetz War leader Rt1 NILS
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Test for system ( the tc test:P)
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